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Walking into His Fall

Book Entree™

Walking into His Fall

$ 6.99

L. L. Christenson 

Christian Inspirational


For 24-year-old Abbie Hubert life has always been difficult. Young, vivacious, and still holding on to her good looks. However, tonight Abbie is hiding a deep secret behind her gentle smile.

 After Abbie's mom passes from her battle with cancer, she decides to take her $5000 inheritance and visit New England during the seasonal colors of autumn.

While dining at a cafe in Maine, Abbie meets a man, Rory, who mistakes her for a lady he once knew. Abbie is moved to tears when Rory shares his son’s struggles as a wounded Veteran, how he has  given up on life.

When Abbie leaves the cafe she sees Joseph fall and runs to assist Rory help lift his son into their truck. Joseph thanks her and something hitches inside her. 

Rory offers Abbie a caretaker position for Joseph, for as long as she wants the job, if she will nurture his son back to health. Rory will pay her three thousand a month and he’ll buy her ticket home if she makes it through a month—something No women has done—yet.

Abbie is eager to take on the challenge, how hard could it be? Joseph seemed nice, in her opinion, he needed companionship more than help. Maybe the other women were too weak—emotionally.

Suddenly, all the struggles she faced as a young girl, made sense, they made her strong. If she could make it a month, she’d earn enough money to move anywhere in the country -- with an all expense paid ticket to get her there. 

Abbie accepts the assignment and moves into Rory and Joseph’s house, but it doesn’t take long for her to realize why the other caretakers never stayed around.  Joseph not only makes conversations difficult,  he makes it clear there is something hidden locked in the room next to hers—something that will change everything she knows.

Can Abbie share the truth about her painful past, reach through the darkness of Joseph’s mind before his dark world consumes the man she has fallen for?

Will the new bond Joseph finds with Abbie be able to withstand the weight of the secrets of the sealed door— she is about to open?

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I Am Not a Fox

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  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (October 23, 2018)
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"This is a story will touch your heart. Recommended for it's message and adorable illustrations. A story about living life as one sees themselves, unmoved by opinions . . . and the rest remains a mystery for you to discover."––Lisa Loucks Christenson, Book Divas™

Thank You G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers for allowing me a chance to read this important story! Lisa Loucks Christenson

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