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Timber Wolves Flood Rescue | Episode 1, Book 1

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Lisa is writing A WOLVES OF WHITEWATER FALLS BIBLE for this series that will be available at a later date. Lisa has written eight full books in the series with at least six more planned. Each full book is 75-85,000 words and will is illustrated by Lisa too. 

Timber Wolves Flood Rescue

Episode 1, Book 1


2009 NaNoWriMo Winner

Written and Illustrated by Lisa Loucks Christenson

Book Blurb (Episodes 1-5) 

In search of new material for her outdoor column, Annie Nolda sets off to the remote wilderness in Whitewater Falls, Minnesota to begin work on an eagle documentary. While spending time with the eagles, Annie discovers a wolf pack that is curiously watching her from the woods edge. She soon discovers the wolves are not the only one watching her every move.

As Annie is eating breakfast at the local diner, she overhears a conversation by locals who have hired the "silver dog hunters" to shoot, shovel, and shut up and never admit to killing a wolf, let alone the entire pack of them, as they seal their commitment with a quartet of howls.

Within days, not only is a wolf found shot, and another two found in traps, but Annie hears men quarreling, gun shots, and later finds a man dead with a bullet in his head, and another in his shoulder.

The harder Annie searches for answers to end this illegal and ruthless slaughter of wolves, the faster she becomes entangled in the mess of lies, betrayal, and soon finds herself a target by the men who kill for silence.

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I Am Not a Fox

I Am Not a Fox

I Am Not a Fox

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  • Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers (October 23, 2018)
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"This is a story will touch your heart. Recommended for it's message and adorable illustrations. A story about living life as one sees themselves, unmoved by opinions . . . and the rest remains a mystery for you to discover."––Lisa Loucks Christenson, Book Divas™

Thank You G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers for allowing me a chance to read this important story! Lisa Loucks Christenson

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