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Mr. Mistletoe

Loucks Studios, Inc.

Mr. Mistletoe

$ 4.99

Mr. Mistletoe 


Word Count: 25,000

Romantic Suspense

By L. L. Christenson

Publisher: Loucks Studios, Inc.

Release: 2018


Victoria Campbell is Is a second grade teacher who prefers a quiet night at home more than socializing. Her best friend Leslie, her complete opposite, convinces Victoria to step out of her comfort zone and be her guest at her cousins annual Christmas party. However, when Victoria arrives at the Christmas party, hoping to meet someone special, the only head that she turns is Kaeson Billiards, a new transplant from Minneapolis a man whose steady gaze makes her uncomfortable.

After dinner Victoria remains seated, but can’t help but feel the draw of Kaeson's stare--all the way from from her seat at the dinner table in the dining room to the handsome gentleman she hopes to meet.

Victoria Knows nothing about the intriguing stranger, the dark haired man who won't stop staring back at her and she senses--or maybe he's putting thoughts into her mind—from his seat at the bar that she should ask about him.

When she can resist no more, she asks Leslie about the man in the pin-stripped suit, and when she does, he walks towards them, taking her hand, pulling her into him.  Surprising Leslie as much as herself, she feels no fear and follows him to the doorway of the parlor.

She didn't expect him to stops and lift her chin into a gentle kiss under the mistletoe—or to change her from one world to next. One she'll spend eternity exploring.

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