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Seneca Rebel Review

Book Divas Review by Zil Sheth, Published 10/10/16

Author of Seneca Rebel: Rayya Deeb 

Want to read another story with a different world made in a set of rules just like 'Hunger Games' or Divergent' ? Look no further. The sci-fi book "Seneca Rebel" by Rayya Deeb is just what you are looking for.
   The story is based around a 16-year old girl named Dorothy "Doro" Campbell who is a math genius. Through many turn of events, she is asked to live in an underground society which is a beautiful place equipped with all the high tech options for the most gifted individuals -like Doro- with one goal in mind, to build a better future.
   However, Doro quickly finds out that Seneca isn't the perfect society they depicted it to be when she reveals a secret that threatens to destroy the entire nation. Not knowing whom to trust and whom not to, Doro has to become a rebel to protect the future of Seneca, and the world.
   I won't give any promises but that much I can assure that this is a one-sit-read. The book won't get out of your mind till the very end. If you are looking for a great summer read, look no further. Seneca Rebel is the perfect choice. I am sure this book will be soon making it's way to silver screen before we even know it.


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