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FIND HER by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner

Lisa Loucks Christenson Book Divas News FIND HER FIND HER by Lisa Gardner Lisa Gardner Paperback Penguin Random House

Lisa Gardner's FIND HER, Paperback 10/18/16 

Paperback Release: 10/18/16 

FIND HER by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Gardner

In Find Her, you’ll meet Flora Dane. She’s a victim, a survivor, and most importantly a vigilante. After being abducted five years ago and held in captivity at the hands of her kidnapper, she has finally started to adapt to life in the real world. But when a college student– a young woman who reminds her far too much of herself–goes missing, her world is turned upside down once again. As she prepares to save a woman she’s never met, Flora reopens wounds that never really healed and undoubtedly places herself back in the danger she so narrowly escaped.  


For fans of Gardner, Find Her brings back fan favorite DD Warren, and for new readers she intertwines Flora and D.D.’s worlds while exposing the dark underbelly of Boston’s nightlife and a victim’s long road to recovery.


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