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Anime Fusion October 21-23, 2016

Lisa Loucks Christenson 5th Anniversary Anime con Minnesota Anime Fusion anime fusion con Anime Fusion con 2016 Lisa Loucks Christenson MN MN ANime Con Photos of Anime Fusion Minneapolis 2016 Story photos Anime Fusion

Photos from Anime Fusion 2016 

"Selfie" by Sophie L. 






10/23/16, Book Divas stopped by Anime Fusion in Minneapolis, Minnesota to see what we'd find at their fifth year anniversary. 

The autumn afternoon in downtown Minneapolis lined the area with the a palette of fall colors, but even with the leaves in prime color, this weekend, they could not compare to the rainbow of colors inside the Doubletree by Hilton - Park place as characters from today's final day of the 2016 Anime Fusion event. 

The attendees graciously allowed me to shoot a pic or two for the Book Divas blog (always ask permission, and if you didn't know), and one character, Sophie, shot her own "Selfie" using my phone. The Artist Alley and Dealer Rooms were jam packed with fan art, original art, and brand items. For every person going in, I observed one or more shoppers leaving with their arms full of new anime figures, stuffed animals, purse clutches, key chains, art and snacks--from Japan. 

After walking through and looking at all the new items, art, and merchandise I walked over to The Reactor Lounge in the lower atrium, a place for con-goers to find the photoshoot area, Scavenger Hunt, Autograph Sessions, and nightly Werewolf Games. In the upper atrium, the hangout area, the tables were full of more characters, literally, all enjoying their Sunday afternoon, sharing tales of their weekend experiences, and catching up on the latest info of their favorite anime episodes. 

There was much more to see: Masquerade Costume Contest, Photoshoots, Gaming Rooms, even a Swap Meet where fellow con-goers can swap swag, collections, or items from your collection, a GPS Silent Auction, Room Parties and more. 

Guests of Honor for the Anime Fusion weekend include: Greg Ayres, Jennifer Cihi, Stephanie Deleo, Ryan Reynolds, Carrie Savage, Samurai Dan and Jillian a.k.a. "Samurai Dan" and his wife Jillian. Anime  Fusion DJs include: Ryan Walters "Grimace", and Tim Dan "RAVEPULSE".

So if you're in the downtown Minneapolis area today, looking for something fun to finish out your weekend with come on down to Anime Fusion, but come before 4:30 p.m. because that is when the Closing Ceremonies begin, drawing to a close, another successful Anime Fusion Con.

Thank you Anime Fusion for a great Sunday afternoon, and thank you to all of people who gave me a few minutes of their time and a smile or serious pose for our Book Divas blog.

 Lisa Loucks Christenson, Book Divas

 Photos and Story Copyright 2016 Lisa Loucks Christenson/Book Divas All Rights Reserved


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