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Book Packer Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing Book Packaging & Product Placement



Book Divas News™ Interview with Lisa Loucks Christenson Founder of Lisa Loucks Christenson Press a division of Loucks Studios, Inc. 


Who is your company, what do you offer?

Lisa Loucks Christenson Press is a division of Loucks Studios, Inc., founded by Lisa in the 80s, incorporated later. We offer a complete book packaging experience, grants of use to our pre-made serials, books, episodes and we do it for a fraction of the cost. We offer idea to finished book, the use of our name or your pseudonym; a finished product ready for market. All the writing, editing, photos/illustrations and more, included. 

How are you qualified to do this?

Lisa started selling stock photos (as a kid, actually), then spent years working for other publishers on various newspapers, traveling as an assignment photographer, reporter, layout and design, ad sales, telemarketing, subscriptions, shipping, fulfillment, moved into digital, broadcasting, and more.

Lisa began developing educational, science materials for the K-12 markets, Christian markets, secular markets and my work appears in textbooks, books, magazines, online. Lisa began shooting photos to art directors specs via digital direction. She'd shoot food (a specialty) in her Minnesota studio and the art directors in New York could, via electronic exchanges, tell her what they wanted changed. Lisa spent years shooting to spec the exact photo requirements and traveling all over the country to shoot and write stories.

In 2008, Lisa opened a gallery-publishing house, White Wolf Creek™ selling, exclusively, her own titles, handing photo trading cards of the dogs, promoting her (then) upcoming Bow Wow Detectives® book line pictured above), art, wildlife collection, books, ebooks, and exhibits.

Lisa owns her own call center that answers her brands, divisions, business calls 24/365, and clients that include other publishers, answering their calls, booking their schedules, more.  

In the fall of 2017, Lisa Loucks Christenson opened Lisa Loucks Christenson Press as a division of Loucks Studios, Inc. her corporation. Lisa's spent thousands of hours of time, researching ideas, putting together her work as ready-made books, series, serials open to licensing in foreign markets, USA, print, electronic, and more. A larger publisher can take her already established brands, book series, serials that she's spent years developing, marketing, promoting into larger audiences, into new translations, and that may mean she'll get to do what she loves most: write, photograph, illustrate more! 

 Where do you get your photos and art?

Lisa has over 1M images in her personal library, photos she's shot for other assignments, books of her own, her documentaries, projects, clients and is always adding more. All of her art she creates from her photos, or stock footage, is owned, exclusively by Lisa. All of her images and art are Rights-Managed Images so they aren't licensed to two competing lines, series, or publications. This protects her buyers from designers copying book covers with the same models, images and the internet is full of covers in genres using the same images for competing titles, and that's because those images were licensed non-exclusively, or the rights ended on a license. 

Where do you get your books ideas?

All of LLCP serials, episodes, books, materials are written in-house from ideas Lisa gathers from inspirational moments, dreams, experiences, life events, and the outdoors––nature is a grand teacher. 

Who are your clients ? 

Due to strict confidentiality we honor we won't disclose our clients. We can share: we've developed fiction, non-fiction, secular and Christian books, materials, information, for various genres for over 35 years, as individual services (articles, content, story-text, news, photos, etc.).  

Why would a publisher choose a book packager? 

One reason a publisher comes to us (but it's not just publishers! We've always work with other agencies, companies, labels, non-profits, agencies), is to take on an already completed series, a ready-for-print book, a brand they can market and distribute under our grant of use license. We love creating new brands and works!

There are many other reasons, but if you're a publisher and you have an author who didn't complete their edits and you have a gaping hole in your editorial calendar––we can help! Publishers always needs new books, sometime they like the idea of creating a new book line or book series but don't have the budget or  time for editing, photos and/or illustration, book designer, indexer, or resources to create it. This is where we come in. We work fast, under tight deadlines, know the ins and outs of promotions and offer our network as a launching point. We know if you're successful with our books, you'll be back for more.


What name goes on the book?

It's all between the publisher and us. Can't share this, sorry.

What type of books do you package?

Illustrated, non-illustrated books, novelty books, pop-out, board books, fiction and non-fiction. 

What is an interesting service you provide that others may not know about?




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